Glidesoul – my top 3 pieces

I came across GlideSoul in 2015 and fell in love with their vibrant, fun, retro looking suits and haven’t looked back since. Gone are the days where everyone is pulling on the same boring, black neoprene suits at the beach. Gone are the days where brands are simply throwing a bit of a pink colour scheme on a very normal looking suit and calling it the ‘womens collection’ . GlideSoul is one of the only womens only water-wear brands out there and for the price, they’re a solid investment for any water loving lady.


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2016 – a year of lessons

The end of the year is always a great time to reflect. What happened last year, what can I do better next year, what are my goals for this year. Oh 2016, what a year you were. I would say one of the hardest ones yet but oh wow have I learnt a lot!

Here’s a handful that sprung to mind:

My career will never involve staring at a computer screen for 8 hours a day ever again.

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Sydney A-Z

For a while I was looking for a guide on everything Sydney related for the outdoorsy type of person like me. Unable to find anything, I decided to do a mini Instagram series on everything I love to do / everywhere I love to go in Sydney. Here it is!



The Aussies are an incredible active bunch. Get out at 6am and the parks / beaches are bustling with runners, yogis, personal trainers, surfers and everyone in between…squeezing in a pre-work workout of some kind. Me? Morning swims at Freshwater Beach set me up for the day .. followed by coffee!

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The grass is not always greener.

It has become clear to me over the years that most family/friends at home view me to be ‘living  the dream’.

pic 1

” Pip seems to always get it right. Pip lives in a dream world. How does Pip end up all over the place. I don’t know how Pip does it.” – one answer people, talk to everybody you come across and take a risk once in a while.

Yes, you could definitely argue that I find myself in nice climates . I haven’t been cold since December 2014, I spent a grand total of 3 weeks in the UK last year and have no ties there to be returning any time soon.

However! Let me tell you something.

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2015 – it’s a wrap

2015… what a year you were. Definitely my biggest year of lessons so far. Summed up in one word? Outrageous. The entire year I look back on going .. did that really just happen?

My degree was lingering in the back of my mind while all my friends at home snapped up a great job around the UK, but really it did anything BUT attract me to join the rat race of grad schemes in the UK. I needed out fast. 

Not long after the new year I packed up life in the UK and headed back to my little heaven – Cabarete, Dominican Republic. There’s something immensely special about travelling 9 hours in a plane to a tiny Dominican surf town where people are there to welcome you back with open arms.


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